25 Years of Stars

By May 21, 2013 Award Updates

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here are the 2013 Gold Star Teachers!

Renae Beneke

Michelle Droe

Jennifer Gates

Ryan Haynes

Cristin Marshall

Tricia Mayer

Ronda Rathe

Nicole Schrage

Linda Shapiro

Jake Youngkent

Every year, someone asks us what it takes to become a Gold Star Teacher. And every year, we tell them this. It’s something a little boy wrote, nominating his teacher for the very first Gold Star Awards program. He wrote, “I am nine years old. I really like my teacher. She makes me feel smart. That has never happened before.” That is a Gold Star Teacher: someone who believes in you so much that you believe in yourself.

The Gold Star Awards has also hit an important milestone.  We have recognized 250 outstanding teachers in Black Hawk County.  There is nothing more important to a child’s education than a talented and inspiring teacher. Thank you to all of our Gold Star Teachers, past and present, for your hard work and dedication to transforming the lives of young people.