And the total so far is….

By February 21, 2014 Award Updates

1 Currently, we have over 400 nominations for the 2014 Gold Star season!!

We’ve got a little over 1 week left!

Ladies and gentlemen– LET’S HEAR IT FOR THOSE TEACHERS!

Send your nominations our way. AND remember…

All nominations must be postmarked or submitted by March 1st, 2014 at midnight.




Check out some awesome nominations we’ve received so far:

“She finds ways to help everyone around her feel accomplished and proud, yet she rarely takes credit for any of the success. This teacher deserves this award because she is a steward in her education field and community advocate as well as an outstanding teacher.” — Gold Star Colleague Nomination

“He is a great teacher because he always makes sure that everyone is comfortable in the classroom. He is fair to every student and every teacher that he works with. In his classroom everyone is having fun and geting work done.  He is amazing, he has great taste in books  and knows a ton about technology, and he gets to know each and everyone of his students. “– Gold Star Elementary Nomination