Heartwarming Nominations

By February 26, 2013 Award Updates

Teachers can be stars for all kinds of reasons, and Black Hawk County students are letting us know! Check out these nominations submitted by local students about their teachers for the 2013 Gold Star Award.

“She teaches math like the stars are born to give light. I always think that she should win an award, because she teaches math SO WELL!”

“He always looks out for everyone. If a kid is standing off to the side he tries to bring them in and include them in the lesson. He is a role model and shows his love for all students by giving us talks and caring about our futures.”

“She is the best teacher in the world! She inspires me to learn and do great things. I can’t think of a better way to say she is the BEST!!!! If I could vote for her one million times I would.”

“She is very nice and loves to give advice. She smiles all the time and cheers me up every day.”

“She is inspiring student for their whole life and then some. She is bringing music into the lives of children and teaching them to follow their dreams – like me!”

“She knows we are going to grow up and be amazing people, we just don’t always show it so she makes sure we do.”

“He makes me shine when I need help. He is always there for me and some of the times he makes funny jokes to make the class laugh.”

“She makes me feel smart. I miss her every day when I leave her classroom. She gives us special snacks on special days. She helps me to learn, that’s special to me because she REALLY wants us to learn. I like to do math. I get to read a lot!”