By March 14, 2014 Award Updates

1310As of March 1, the Gold Star nomination phase ended and what a success it was!

Pictured in the two boxes are 1,316 nominations for 531 teachers!!

Thank you to all those who took the time to nominate your teachers! We love reading about them so much, we thought we’d share some nominations with you!




“I love my teacher. She is my friend and she really cares for me and all her students. She really goes the extra mile with a smile or a hug to make sure we all do our personal best.”– Gold Star Elementary Nomination

“I feel at home in his classroom. He makes certain that everyone is on the same page. He’s been a teacher that knows how to push me to my fullest potential. He makes it fun, interactive, and worth every minute of my time. He deserves 5 gold stars, not just one.”– High School Gold Star Nomination

“She lights up people in general. When she teaches it’s so great! You can’t describe it. This teacher has the best smile. She is the BEST teacher you could ask for!”– Middle School Gold Star Nomination

“He finds all the special qualities in each & every student. He pushes them to see this in themselves, and I’m very thankful he has helped push my daughter’s to see this in themselves also!”– Gold Star Parent Nomination