The Wait is (Finally!) Over

By January 31, 2012 Award Updates

I would like to introduce someone that you may know and recognize but some may only know little about her.  She’s Kari McCann, the brains behind the 2011 Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching!  Kari was the intern at the R.J. McElroy Trust last year and if you think you love Gold Star as much as Kari does…prove it!  

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, no… I’m not talking about Christmas (we just celebrated that, remember?)!  I am talking about the time to nominate your favorite Black Hawk County educator for the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching (insert joy, excitement, cheers and applause here)!

Why does she think this is SO exciting? Well, let me tell you!
The nominations for the Gold Star awards are THE BEST part of this stellar awards program!

How does she know that the nominations are THE BEST part? Well, let me tell you!
Last year I was the Gold Star intern at the R.J. McElroy Trust (it was beyond-amazing)!

What is so special about the nominations then? Well, let me tell you!
I had the pleasure of reading every.single.hand-written.type-written.crayola-written.nomination

(oh yes, did I mention we broke a record last year with 1,392 nominations?)!

Who can nominate educators for these awards? Well, let me tell you!
Students, parents, colleagues, & community members (no matter who was writing, I loved reading)!

You know who else gets to read all of the nominations? The teachers (wahoo)!
If you fill out a nomination for Mrs. Ima Goodteacher… she will get to read it
(I am assuming this might be even more exciting for Ima than it was for Me-uh)!

When can I nominate my outstanding educator? Well, let me tell you!
Take some time (’tis the season) and fill out a nomination for the Gold Star Awards from now until March 1, 2012!

Don’t let any outstanding educators go unnoticed this year… let’s break last year’s nomination record (in a BIG way)!

Happy nominating to all (and to all a good night… I had to;)!