Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Your Teacher

By January 28, 2011 Award Updates

Teachers can be stars for all kinds of reasons. So why should you nominate your all-time favorite teacher for the Gold Star Award?

10. Thanks to her hilarious, made-up songs (and terrible singing voice), you still remember every state capital, every punctuation rule, and every plant-eating dinosaur. Stegosaurus rules!

9. He comes to every game, every concert, every meet, every play, and he’s written his own cheers to get the crowd fired up. “WE’VE GOT CELLO, WE’VE GOT BASS, WE’LL PUT MOZART IN HIS PLACE. GOOOOOOO ORCHESTRA!”

8. She’s graded more papers, signed more passes, held more hands, squished more bees, dried more tears, and given more hugs than there are stars in the sky.

7. When your whole class gets perfect scores on the big spelling test, he doesn’t just give you A’s. He stays up late baking you a cake – and it tastes like sweet victory.

6. Somewhere, someday, sometime, some student that didn’t like her called her a mean, ugly, stinky McStinkfaced poo-poo head, and it hurt. A lot. But she still showed up to class that day with a smile on her face and taught with all her heart.

5. He makes about the same amount of money as a full-time waiter, but he wouldn’t trade teaching for anything in the world.

4. When everybody starts laughing at you for having toilet paper stuck to your shoe, she tapes toilet paper to her shoe and tells the class it’s the newest, coolest fashion trend.

3. He doesn’t just know your name and seat assignment. He knows your hobbies, he knows your dreams, and he knows how your weekend was – all because he takes the time to ask.

2. When you go home after school, you sit around and think of new ways to get your secret crush to notice you. When she goes home, she sits around and thinks of new ways to make you smarter.

1. Because your teacher believes in you. Always. And it’s never too soon to say thank you.