Awakening Creative Expression in Students

By February 8, 2013 Guest Posts

Laura Angove

A guest blog written by one of our 2012 Gold Star recipients, Laura Angove. She currently works as Talented and Gifted teacher at Hudson Elementary School, and an art teacher at Hudson High School.
[slide] The Gold Star Award was the most AMAZING acknowledgement in my professional career over the past 24 years. Receiving the award has changed my perspective of how I view myself as an art teacher, and how students perceive me as a teacher…something I really took time to reflect upon. The award collectively represents everyone who has supported me as an educator: Hudson Community School District, my fellow co-workers, my family and my students. They all are my Gold Star supporters!

The reason I decided to become an art teacher is to pass along the passion that my art teacher passed on to me. Watching him influence talent and inspire creativity in students appeared challenging, invigorating and rewarding. My focus, in art classes, is to assist all students in developing their unique talents. Everyone is talented in some capacity and with the right project or suggestions; everyone can improve and discover their passions. My job is very rewarding to watch the creative discovery process. Each day is different and every student is unique (just like the art they make).

The most important piece of being an art teacher for me is to create a home away from home. I want it to be a place they can be themselves…. so they feel free to express their ideas. My students are my “kids” and when they pass through my room they earn a little place in my heart. Hopefully art memories will remain with them and art remains a part of their lives. No matter how near or far they travel, the art room is always a place for them to come back to visit their art mom.