Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Nominate!

By February 24, 2014 Guest Posts

Laura AngoveEach year, student, faculty, community members, and parents are encouraged to nominate a teacher for The Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Laura Angove, 2012 Gold Star Recipient shares here Top 5 reasons why you should nominate a teacher today! Nominations must be postmarked or submitted by March 1st, 2014 at midnight.






Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Nominate a Teacher for the Gold Star Awards:

1) Effects a teacher’s life.

After becoming nominated and awarded the Gold Star Teacher, I realize the importance of the process, receiving the award and the wonderful night itself, and how it affected my life.

2) We’re the ONLY County that awards Gold Star!

We are lucky, that we are a county in Iowa that has a teacher award, and it is because of the long sightedness of RJ McElroy.  If you didn’t know, RJ McElroy left money in a Trust to honor teachers once a year. Thousands of teachers have been nominated.

3) Learn about your child’s teacher.

Take time to talk to your children about their teachers. Maybe you’ll learn about how your child’s teacher has impacted their lives!

 4) Every student has a favorite teacher that has inspired him or her.

A teacher that has listened to, challenged and improved their educational experience. When you think about it, teachers spend more time with your children than you during the day.

5) Give YOUR teacher a BOOST!

I can confidently say that all awarded Gold Star teachers get a booster shot of pride through acknowledgement of their work in the community. Knowing you are appreciated is the most wonderful feeling in an educator’s life. Making a difference in the lives that come through our doors in our rooms is very rewarding. Because of the award, I am more conscience of what I do in my room and how I educate my students. Students view me differently and respect the fact that, I at one time, earned this prestigious award.

“Being honored for the work in front of the community, on the stage at Gallagher Bluedorn and watching your story presented on the big screen is amazing,” stated Angove.

Please take time to make a difference in a teacher’s life and nominate them soon!