Social Media In The Classroom

By January 28, 2011 Local Interest

What’s not to like?

Over the past few years, schools have embraced social media as a communications tool — outside the classroom. In fact, this recent article by the Iowa AEA offers many suggestions on how Iowa schools can use the popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and WordPress to regularly communicate with parents, students and community members.

But do these tools belong in the classroom?

Elizabeth Delmatoff, a seventh grade teacher in Portland, Oregon, more than “likes” the idea. She says that after she started a pilot social media program, her students’ grades went up. Way up.

After starting her program, Delmatoff found 20% of students school-wide were completing extra assignments for no credit, grades had gone up more than 50%, and chronic absenteeism was reduced by more than a third. And, for the first time in its history, the school met its adequate yearly progress goal for absenteeism.

This article from the social media site gives us six very compelling reasons why social media should be used in the classroom.

If you’re a teacher, do you use social media in your classroom? If so, what are the results? If not, why not?

If you’re a parent, what do you think about social media in the classroom?

And, of course, we’d love to know what students think! Leave a comment below to discuss.

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