“This was one of my BEST years of life!”

By December 8, 2011 Local Interest

Last week we promised to share  a few more of our favorite Gold Star nominations from 2011.

Whether a nomination is heartfelt, or touching, and or even a little bit funny, they all say the same thing, “THANK YOU!”    We thank all of the great teachers in Black Hawk County who work to inspire and transform our children.

“Mrs. D is always there for me and my family. She takes teaching above and beyond her teaching job.  She taught my son when he was in 1st grade.  He is now a 7th grader and she has never stopped caring for him.  She will always be like family to us.”  -Parent

“She shows us that anything is possible.  She still teaches with a baby in her stomach! “  -4th Grade Student

“Because she tells us to raise our hands so a lot of people don’t just keep saying Mrs. B, Mrs. B!”  -1st Grade Student

“She has a GREAT sense of humor.  This was one of my best years of life.”  -3rd Grade Student

“She makes me feel like I am the only kid there.”  -1st Grade Student

“Mrs. S., you were a great teacher to me!  You were my teacher when my dad was in Afghanistan.  You supported me, loved me and helped me when he was gone.  I really remember you being there for me. Thanks for being really awesome!”  -Former Student

“If other teachers deserve a Gold Star, she deserves a constellation!”  Colleague