About the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching

The Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching is a teacher-recognition program for educators in Black Hawk County. The program’s mission is to honor and encourage excellence in teaching and inspire outstanding teachers to continue in the profession. The program first grew out of an idea to improve education in Black Hawk County by encouraging outstanding teachers. To date, the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching has recognized more than 350 teachers in Northeast Iowa for their excellence in teaching. In 2011, the program launched its new website and updated campaign to reflect a more current appeal to today’s youth. For more information, please visit www.GoldStarTeacher.com.

About R.J. McElroy Trust

The R.J. McElroy Trust, along with KWWL-TV, founded the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching in 1989. The trust’s benefactor was R.J. “Mac” McElroy, a pioneer Iowa broadcaster. McElroy was best known for creating KWWL-TV and several other Iowa radio and television stations. Upon his death in 1965, a trust fund was established, the proceeds of which were to be used for the “educational benefit of deserving young people.” The R.J. McElroy Trust has funded a broad range of programs to support and educate young people in Northeast Iowa.

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