Nomination Press Release

By January 29, 2013 Newsroom


WATERLOO, IOWA — A gold star at the top of a school paper is a powerful symbol to a student. But students are not the only people who can receive a star for a job well done. For the twenty-fifth year, the R. J. McElroy Trust and KWWL Television will award ten area teachers the “Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching.” They will each receive a $1,000 cash award.

“Our goal is to affirm the importance of the teaching profession in our communities,” said Stacy Van Gorp, McElroy Trust Executive Director. “We achieve this by selecting and recognizing ten outstanding teachers in Black Hawk County.”

Gold Star brochures will be sent home with all students in Black Hawk County beginning Monday, February 4. Nominations must be postmarked by March 1, 2013. Nominations may also be submitted on-line at: Nominated teachers will be notified and will have until March 27, 2013, to submit an application.

Eligible nominees must be employed as non-administrative staff, hold a current teaching certificate, and be teaching at a state certified pre-school, or an elementary, intermediate, or secondary school approved by the Iowa Department of Education and located in Black Hawk County, Iowa. For the first time this year, teachers who are employed less than full-time are welcome to apply.

“We wish to honor teachers who truly make a difference in the lives of their students,” said James B. Waterbury, trustee, R. J. McElroy Trust, “teachers who instill in their students a love of learning.”