In 2015, the McElroy Trust will celebrate its 50th year as an organization. That’s 50 years of supporting northeast Iowa programs that have inspired and transformed hundreds of children and young adults!


To celebrate, we want to give a little something back to some other people who impact the lives of students. Of course, we are talking about the amazing educators who serve in our communities!

As always, the 10 recipients of the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching will be awarded $1,000. However, we all know how humble teachers can be! So this year, we not only want to honor them, but we also want to give them the opportunity to improve the classroom and students they work so hard to improve. In order to do so, we will be awarding each 2015 Gold Star teacher with an additional $500 classroom grant!!! This may be used to buy new supplies, do a special project, or whatever else the teacher comes up with! The most important thing is that this $500, in celebration of our 50th year, allows us to assist teachers as they continue to inspire and transform Black Hawk County youth.

So nominate your favorite teacher today!!