Ben Olsen

North Cedar Elementary

City/School System
Cedar Falls Community Schools

Subjects and Grade Level
6th Grade

What’s the thing you like most about teaching?
I like the variety of every day. No two days are the same! I also really enjoy the enthusiasm of the kids and helping them to discover and achieve things they’ve never done before.

What’s the thing you find most challenging about teaching?
All the paperwork that comes with the job.

Best tip for new teachers?
Be flexible and take things one day at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Best tip for career teachers?
Be flexible! And be willing to try things you’ve never tried before.

Favorite piece of advice for students?
Never take a break from learning.

What does being a Gold Star Teacher mean to you?
It was an honor to be selected. I was so proud to see the writing from both students and other colleagues that nominated me for the award. It is very fulfilling to know that my efforts don’t go unnoticed. It also makes me strive to do my very best every day, in order to live up to that title!