Lisa Lewis

La Porte City Elementary

City/School System
Union Community School District

Subjects and Grade Level
2nd Grade

What’s the thing you like most about teaching?
Every day is new … every day is different … every day is a chance to make a difference!

What’s the thing you find most challenging about teaching?
The necessity to work with a wide variety of students, parents, staff, administrators and community members on many different levels, all with their own individual needs, wants and expectations.

Best tip for new teachers?
One word: organization!

Best tip for career teachers?
Be open to the possibilities that change can provide.

Favorite piece of advice for students?
Do your best every day and every day will be your best!

What does being a Gold Star Teacher mean to you?
Being selected as a Gold Star Teacher is a tremendous honor that almost goes beyond words. It is the ultimate vote of confidence, stamp of approval and “thank you” from students, parents, staff, administration and community members. Nothing says “You’re making a difference!” like the Gold Star Teacher Award!