Judy Timmins

Gold Star Award Winner Judy Timmins
Judy Timmins 

Cedar Falls High School 

City/School System
Cedar Falls Community Schools

Subjects and Grade Level
High School English Teacher
Graduated from UNI with a double major in Spanish and English; Masters from UNI—Teaching English in Secondary Schools

Number of years teaching?
37 years

Family members
Husband—Larry, Son—Adam, Son—Chad and his wife Amy, Son—Wade and his fiancé Caitlin

Professional involvement
Site Coordinator for UNI Field Experience Office, National Council of Teachers of English, member of our district’s Iowa Core Leadership team

What do you like most about teaching?
No day in a class is like any other. The students always bring something new to my day.

What do you find most challenging about teaching?
Teaching is such a juggling act—the curriculum; professional development; educational, social and emotional needs of the students. To be effective you need to be at the top of your game.

Best tip for new teachers?
Be passionate and never lose your sense of humor.

Best tip for career teachers?
A sense of humor will help you and your students make it through the day.

Favorite piece of advice for students?
Take advantage of everything school offers—the varied classes, activities, clubs—because school is a place where you learn who you are while you prepare for whom you will be.

What does being a Gold Star Teacher mean to you?
It touches me deeply to be personally recognized out of a multitude of fine educators. It is the greatest compliment from those who so generously nominated me.