Kim Vandendriessche

Kim Vandendriessche

School: St. Patrick Catholic School

Subject and Grade Level: Kindergarten

Education: University of Northern Iowa

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, walking, cooking/entertaining, biking, singing, riding with my husband on our motorcycle AND I will add a NEW HOBBY IN AUGUST – I’m going to be GRANDMA!

Family members: Husband – Mike, daughter Jamie, Jamie’s special friend, Steve, daughter Katie and her husband Bryan, and our son Bryce.

How long have you been teaching: 17 years

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: Every day is a NEW DAY! These little boys and girls never cease to amaze me! They are full of wonder and awe of everything around them! I love to challenge their thinking and stretch their minds! They are truly sponge’s waiting for you to saturate them with your knowledge and thoughts to ponder. They inspire me and make me know I am! They are unique, not one like the other! Love it!

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching: Finding enough time in the day to do all I want to do with and for my students and their families.

Best Tip for New Teachers: Be welcoming and approachable to the students you teach as well as to their families and your co-workers. In this way, you will create a non-threatening environment that will be conductive to learning.

Best Tip for Career Teachers: Remember that as teachers, we have someone’s child for more hours in a day then their parents do. They deserve to have us at our very best each and every day! Be the best model you can be! They ARE the kids of the future and our job is big! At the end of the day, reflect and figure out how tomorrow will be even better!

Favorite Piece of Advice for Students: Sit up close to your teacher, listen closely and watch. Do you best, have fun, follow the Golden Rule AND “put an exclamation mark at the end of an exciting sentence!!” HA!

What Being a Gold Star Teacher Means to You: It’s hard to put into words. What I do each day, I don’t do for the reward but rather for the peace of mind that hopefully, I impacted the life of a child or his/her parents that day! So to receive this award, I must be doing just that! I certainly hope so! I feel the best about myself when I can help others!