Jennifer Gates

Jennifer Gates
Union High School

School: Union High School

City/School System: Union Community Schools

Subject and Grade Level: High School Chemistry and Physics Teacher

Education: BS Iowa State University, MA University of Northern Iowa

Hobbies: Fiber arts (spinning/weaving/knitting), outdoor activities, gardening

Family members: Jason (husband), Hannah (daughter), Aubrey (daughter), and Tyler (son)

How long have you been teaching: 16 years

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: Everything – I have always loved school, loved learning, and most important loved science so I am in the perfect place to share my passion.

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching: It is difficult to watch students make poor choices when numerous good choices have been offered.

Best Tip for New Teachers: Ask students questions – not to tell them that they are right or wrong about something, but rather to find otu what they know and what they are thinking.

Best Tip for Career Teachers: Do not fear change, embrace it.

Favorite Piece of Advice for Students: “It doesn’t matter what I think, it only matters what you think”

What Being a Gold Star Teacher Means to You: I am very honored to be chosen to be a Gold Star Teacher as I am just trying to do the best job I possibly can.  Both my students and administrators have allowed me to implement new innovative ways to successfully promote learning.  I hope my students learn as much from me as I learn from them as they inspire me to be better every day.