Dean Bostian

Dean Bostian

Dean Bostian
Union High School

School: Union High School

School System: Union Community Schools

Subject and Grade Level: Social Studies Instructor and Speech Coach

Education: University of Iowa, History/Post Secondary Education, 1998-2001; Kirkwood Community College, Associated of Arts, 1996-1998

Hobbies: Listening to music, studying current events, and fantasy football

Family Members: Parents: William and Barbara Bostian Siblings: Jane Bostian, John Bostian( wife-Sarah and children, Maggie and Henry),  Sara Johnson (husband-Chris and children, Seth, Emma, and Jessie)

How long have you been teaching: 12 years total – 3 years at Union High School

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: Engaging the students in higher-level thinking and the challenge to find something in their interests to tie to what is currently being taught.

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching: Trying to get a student involved in a subject that, up until that point, they had no interest.

Best Tip for New Teachers: Always hold on to the dreams and motivations that caused you to become a teacher in the first place.  Never let that enthusiasm die.

Best Tip for Career Teachers: Remain a kid at heart . . . sometimes it is the only way to reach a student.

Favorite Piece of Advice for Students: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity – Horace Mann

What Being a Gold Star Teacher Means to You: While accolades from your colleagues are extremely important, it is the recognition by the students that you are doing an outstanding job which remains the highest form of praise.  Being a Gold Star Teacher means my students have recognized the work that I have put in and appreciate it, which fully validates what I have accomplished.