Jeff Welch

Jeff Welch

Jeff Welch
Bunger Middle School

School: Bunger Middle School

School System: Waterloo Community Schools

Subject and Grade Level: 6th grade

Education: NICC, Associates, 1992-1994; University of Northern Iowa, Bachelors, 1994-1997

Hobbies: Playing guitar, muscle cars, movies

Family Members: 9 brothers and sisters

How long have you been teaching: 15 years

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: There is no better feeling that seeing a light bulb go off in a child’s mind, and knowing that something I created helped a student make that connection. I tell students that I don’t have to go to school every day, I get to go to school every day. Kids are the best!

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching:  Issues in education are changing at a rapid rate. It is a challenge to keep up with initiatives that can change from month to month.

Best Tip for New Teachers: Be yourself and have fun. Working with children is a gift and a privilege that carries a lot of responsibility.  If you show a passion and enthusiasm for learning, students will model that behavior.

Best Tip for Career Teachers: Stick together and remain a strong advocate for what you know is right in education.

Favorite Piece of Advice for Students: Work hard on personal skills. Learn how to tell someone good morning so that they know you mean it.

What Being a Gold Star Teacher Means to You: It is an honor to represent my school and community in a celebration of education. I am a reflection of a compassionate, dedicated staff at Bunger Middle School. Each individual in our Bunger family has helped me in some way on my journey.