Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick Holmes Jr. High

Andrew McCormick
Holmes Jr. High

Grade Level and Subject: Middle School Art

Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, running, and camping

Family Members: Leah Barton; Nora, Owen, and Oliver McCormick

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: Without a doubt it’s my students. I see in them limitless possibilities and goodness. They give me so much…a fresh lease on life. They help me see the goodness that’s in the world.

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching: Realizing that not everyone feels as passionately about their convictions as I do.

Best Tip for New Teachers: True learning is often raucous and noisy; never confuse obedience with learning.

Advice for Students: “You are an artist.” and “Good enough is not good enough.”

What Being A Gold Star Teacher Means to You: It’s a great honor! It’s a real treat to be recognized like this…but I think of it as a recognition of all the people that have been instrumental in my journey; my family, my teachers, my colleagues throughout the years, a great administration team, and most importantly my students and the families I work with. Teaching is the greatest profession in the world and it’s heartwarming and humbling to be recognized for simply doing something I love.