Priscilla Culp

Priscilla Culp Irving Elementary

Priscilla Culp
Irving Elementary

Subject and Grade Level: Title 1 Reading Teacher

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, learning, listening to music, being with family and friends, traveling, shopping, and helping others.

Family Members: Parents: Bonetta and Mack Culp; Siblings: Curtis, Angela and Adele, Children/Grandchildren: Jamil, Jamonne, Kelsey, and Jordyn

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: The priceless opportunities to make a difference with each new day! No day is the same in this rewarding career.

The Thing You Find Most Challenging About Teaching: The crucial choices that impact student achievement are oftentimes made by those whoa re not or have not been in the teaching profession, such as lawmakers.

Best Tip for New Teachers: Remain optimistic, patient, and consistent as you absorb yourself in the curriculum and to establish ongoing, positive relationships with students, families, staff, and community members.

Advice for Students: NEVER be afraid or scared when learning something new or being wrong in your answer. Learning included being inquisitive and asking questions, so the only wrong answer is the one you fail to ask!

What Being A Gold Star Teacher Means To You: To me, it means I have been provided invaluable and immeasurable resources to make a difference with many, many many students, parents, colleagues, and community members! As I continue to fulfill my purpose and attain personal goals, I can share countless learning opportunities with colleagues, as we continue to collaborate and reach students of all academic, social, and emotional level. I am truly thankful to share current and developing educational practices with such amazing colleagues. 🙂