Dawn Frye

Dawn Frye, Hudson High School

Dawn Frye, Hudson High School

Subject: Spanish

Years Teaching: This is my 20th year in the classroom. I have taught every grade level except for 6th grade.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to travel! I also love reading, decorating, and cooking!

Family Members: Terry Frye (husband) and Chelsea Frye (daughter).

The Thing You Like Most About Teaching: in the classroom, I am in m element. It is a place for me to shine. Teaching Spanish is so much more than just teaching vocabulary and grammatical concepts. I get to teach geography, history, Hispanic customs, traditions, food, art, literature and so much more. I seriously have the best job!

The Thing You Find Most challenging About Teaching: The thing that I find the most challenging about teaching is differentiating instruction in order to meet the diverse needs of my students. They come to my class with different abilities, learning styles, and personalities and it can be difficult to determine their learning abilities, and to adjust my teaching methods accordingly.

Best Tip for New Teachers: My best tip for new teachers is to be enthusiastic and let your students not only see but feel the passion that brought you to teaching. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, so use them to your advantage. Strive for excellence but remember that learning is a life-long process. Be patient and know that excellence takes time, hard work and persistence.

Best Tip for Career Teachers: My best tip for career teachers is always give your students the best you have to offer. As teachers, we expect our students to give their best effort, to be focused, timely, respectful, and responsible. They need to know that you are giving your best effort also and that you are learning, trying new things and growing right along them. Raise the bar for both your students and yourself.

Favorite Piece of Advice for Students: My favorite piece of advice for students is to be open to new ideas.  Before passing judgment or criticizing other, learn to listen and really hear what is being said, try to understand a different point of view and know that what you think matters, what you say matters, and what you do matters.

What Being a Gold Star Teacher Means to You: I am deeply honored and to have been named a Gold Star teacher by the RJ McElroy Trust. I truly appreciate the recognition of the hard work, time and effort that I dedicate to my profession. So many people have contributed to my personal and professional success. I must acknowledge the role that my family, mentors, colleagues, and students have played in my receiving this award. I am so grateful for their support, trust, patience and belief in me. It is all of those things that have brought me to where I am today.