Sarah Carlson, Peet Jr. High

Subject: Social Studies

Years Teaching: 10 years

What do you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy getting to know such inspiring young people that make a difference in my life and working with amazing colleagues as well as never having a dull day or have to sit at a desk.

What do you find most challenging about teaching? The most challenging part of being a teacher the amount of time it takes to put my all into it in order to create a meaningful experience for my students. I often am researching new lesson ideas, seeking out advice and conversation with teachers, and planning late at night.

Best tip for new teachers: Utilize the resources you have whether it’s a mentor in your building, working with parents, planning with teachers, or stealing plans from others. I think new teachers need to know they are not on their own in this field. By using your resources you can feel supported, make connections, and utilize best practices.

Best tip for career teachers:My best advice for career teachers is to try new things in your classroom and don’t be afraid to fail. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to be creative in the classroom and create a student centered zone.

Favorite piece of advice for students: My advice to students is to seize all opportunities and be adventurous.

What being a Gold Star Teacher means to you: Being a Gold Star teacher is such a honor to me. It means that I am making a difference in individual lives, to the community, and to the world as a whole. It means that all my hard work and time put into what I love to do is being recognized. It means that all the conversations I have at home about what I’m doing in my classroom and the amazing things my students are doing is worthwhile and I have to thank everyone who has helped me become the teacher I am today.