Elizabeth Zondo, Union High School

By January 5, 2021 Uncategorized

Position: At-risk coordinator

Years Teaching: 15 years

Hobbies/Interests: gardening, cooking, crocheting, spending time with friends and family

What do you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy learning about my students, listening to their viewpoints and ideas, and seeing them mature and grow.

What do you find most challenging about teaching? Dealing with hardship with students and accepting the things that are outside of our control

Best tip for new teachers: Be who you are and be the best “you” possible.

Best tip for career teachers: Remember to celebrate the little victories and notice the positive.

Favorite piece of advice for students: Treat each new day like the fresh start that it is…awe at the dawn, let the sunshine warm your skin, let the night cause you to wonder.

What being a Gold Star Teacher means to you: It’s a great honor to be recognized among such a talented group of educators. I feel lucky to be a part of the Union Community Schools; we offer students many opportunities to be challenged and to grow as individuals. This recognition means that my efforts to nurture and develop young minds have been at least somewhat fruitful, that I have left a lasting impression on someone. I love my job and am truly appreciative at the opportunities I have been given to encourage students to think critically and with compassion.