Kristen Schrock, Lincoln Elementary- Cedar Falls

By April 25, 2019 Uncategorized

Position: 4th Grade

Years Teaching: 8 years

Hobbies/Interests: Being outside, going on walks with my children, reading, and spending time with my family and friends

What do you enjoy most about teaching? I love building a community in my classroom, where students can collaborate and learn from each other. It’s so fun to watch those “light bulb” moments where students are able to work together to problem solve and learn new things.

What do you find most challenging about teaching? Having enough time each day to ensure that each child is getting the love and support that they need and deserve!

Best tip for new teachers: My best piece of advice for new teachers would be to take the extra time to truly get to know each individual student in your classroom. Building relationships with your students is so important! When they feel loved and like an important member of your team, they are more willing to learn from you because they know that you care!

Best tip for career teachers: My best piece of advice for career teachers would be to collaborate with your colleagues and never stop learning! I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with some pretty amazing educators who have taught me way more than I ever could have imagined!

Favorite piece of advice for students: Have grit! Set your goals high, believe in yourself and your abilities, and don’t give up until you reach them.

What being a Gold Star Teacher means to you: One of my biggest goals as an educator, is to ensure that my students enjoy coming to school and are constantly learning. Receiving this award reassures me that I am achieving that goal, and making an impact in my students lives.

Watch Kristen Schrock’s Gold Star Video here!