Lynne Ternus, DG Elementary

By April 22, 2021 Uncategorized

Position: 3rd Grade Teacher

Years Teaching: 22 years

Hobbies/Interests: Being outside, going on walks, and spending time with my family and friends.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love building a community in my classroom where I get to know each and every student. It’s so fun finding each student’s strengths and working on their weaknesses. Kids are funny and are so entertaining to be around!

What do you find most challenging about teaching? The most challenging thing about teaching is finding time each day to reach out to every student to make sure they know I care about them.

Best tip for new teachers: The best tip I have for new teachers is to build a community with your classroom and get to know your students and their families. Also, make learning fun! The school year goes by quickly so make a lot of memories.

Best tip for career teachers: My best advice for new teachers would be to collaborate with your collegues and push yourself to learn new things! Enjoy every moment and never stop smiling!

Favorite piece of advice for students: The best advice I have for students is to set your goals high and believe in yourself.

What being a Gold Star Teacher means to you: I am truly honored and grateful for this award. Thank you to my family, friends, and all of my colleagues who have helped shape my teaching journey. It is a reminder that I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do…making an impact on children’s lives.

Watch Lynne’s video here!