The Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching recognizes exceptional teachers in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

It is a program of the R.J. McElroy Trust.

What People are Saying

She has a way of engaging students that creates a great environment for interactive learning. She never loses students to distractions because she is consistently keeping them interested in the material. Whether it’s by changing up the routine, cracking a funny joke, or an entertaining math game, students are always learning in new ways.

— Former Student

She really tries to engage with the students and try to bring out the creativeness in others. I have never met a teacher who cares more about their students than she does. Not only does she do the job well, but she’s very caring and she only wants to see others succeed through their art.

— Student

He is not only a great teacher but a great role modle. He is always in the hall ways having fun with the kids telling jokes seeing how people are and making sure everyone has a smile on their face. I see him as a person who would always be there for me or anyone that just needs someone to talk to or just be a friend. He makes me want to be the best person I can possibly be and he pushes me to be the best person I can be.

— Student